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Our much anticipated mission whitepaper will be released to residents only in 2024. The overall objective of the document is to establish the problems faced by humanity and outline our detailed solution. The publishing of this groundbreaking document will be a landmark day in the progression mankind.

Key Information


The document will outline the technological advances available to us to complete our mission including blueprints and patents.


We will reveal our brilliant team and the wealth of experience they will bring to SPAARK. Opportunities to join our crew will be available.


To outline the timeline of the mission from initial training, council elections, hardware and software development  through to launch.


Our Whitepaper will only be available to residents of a SPAARK vessel.  Register to an available vessel below for FREE to gain exclusive access. Please note we have a limited number of residencies available on each vessel.  

"Humanity can choose to shrink into a limited planet or grow into an endless universe - Which path will you choose?"

     Abel Wander - Founder of SPAARK 

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